Hotel Bahnhof (station) Bertsdorf is located in The State of Saxony, at east part of foreland bordered with Czech and Poland. At some little kilometres distant city Zittau is frontier crossing, which provide You visit of neighbouring countries.

By car, You will arrive from Germany at highway A4 Dresden-Görlitz for Weißenbergu and next towards Zittau across Löbau. From Zittau, You will be guide by traffic sign „Zittauer Gebirge“, in the direction of Jonsdorf directly in front of our hotel.

Train journey lead for Zittau with „Deutsche Bahn“ (from Liberec trains going for Zittau too) and from Zittau Hbf. going narrow gauged train (SOEG) to Bertsdorf. .

Our hotel provides lovely scene across Olbersdorfer See on Zittau city with romantics towers, which is at foothills of Zittau’s mountain range.
Behind hotel, immediately, becomes forests of north foreland Zittau’s mountain range. Transfer station, narrow gauged train Zittau-Oybin/Jonsdorf, Bertsdorf, distant 200 metres by hotel, gives a name for our hotel „Bahnhof Bertsdorf“. Working of team locomotives and sequencing of trains, which is be in progress among 9.00 and 18.00, in hour-interval, is possible to watching from close places.
Station Bertsdorf